Nobody wants their business to have negative online reviews. Meanwhile, despite there being softwares for online reputation management, the role of online reputation management experts cannot be substituted. 

These professionals provide adequate monitoring for your reputation. Also, they have well tailored strategies to strongly cater to your brand’s needs. Unlike softwares, they can be more interrogative with data, and interpret trends with more objectivity and subjectivity when needed.

In order to present you with the best of these experts, we invested time in evaluating online reputation management experts and made our top picks.

1) Thomas Varghese

When it comes to online reputation management, Thomas Varghese is one of the most popular in the field. He is like the first line of thought when it comes to online  reputation management. He has been featured and interviewed on channels such as television, radio and even in newspapers and magazines.

2) Dan Sorensen

Dan Sorensen is a certified and renowned online reputation management professional. He has gone on to work with big companies and business owners who had their online reputation in disrepute. Dan did not just juwkrk with them, he always succeeded in improving their results. 

3). Brian Patterson 

This Online Reputation Management consultant  is a Washington DC-based speaker. Brian has not only worked with individuals in reputation issues, he has helped a lot of companies regain their damaged reputations. He is a highly respected authority in reputation management.

4) Todd William

With over 17 years of active experience in providing a plethora of legal services and playing advisory roles to brands on an array of enforcement, regulatory, compliance, risk management and transactional matters, Todd Williams deserves his revered spot as a top reputation management expert.

Todd William is not only a top reputation  management expert, he also owns an online reputation management company and digital agency in New york city. And has consulted for brands such as Fortune 500 companies and financial institutions. 

5) Herman Tumurcuoglu

Herman is mostly known for working with individuals or companies whose reputation seem to have been blacklisted and get nothing but negativity from all ends. He delves into their issues, and surges with a solution all the time regardless of how turbulent things might have been.  

His manner of work is defined as traditional and very thorough. And he’s said to be a very discrete worker.

6) Nick Collins

Nick is another great reputation management expert to look out for. He is the CEO for Restaurant reputation which he established in 2001. And his niche is in fixing local search problems on Yelp and google, alongside consulting for newbie businesses and PR urgencies.  

You Need A Reputation Management Expert?

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