Improving Your Website Security with reCAPTCHA

In an effort to help alleviate annoying spam emails and potential security threats- Beyond Custom Websites will now integrate reCAPTCHA on all website contact submission forms moving forward. ReCAPTCHA is a simple, free, and easy-to-use tool that is seamlessly integrated onto your website and helps drastically eliminate contact attempts from unwanted sources.

What is reCAPTCHA Exactly?

ReCAPTCHA is a free service made and provided by Google. When this is present on your website- you will be prompted to complete a “test” whenever submitting a contact submission form. These tests are simple for humans to solve, but difficult for automated bots to complete. This helps unwanted spam emails from making their way into your email inbox, successfully making client interaction via your website’s contact form much easier. No longer will you have to sift through countless spam emails!

ReCAPTCHA will prompt you to complete a Turing Test if it believes you are using a suspicious IP address or contacting via an artificial “bot”. Google has successfully integrated new API, letting some users submit a contact submission without having to perform any Turing Test. This allows ease of use for potential clients to contact you via your website while keeping unwanted users away!

Will reCAPTCHA Protect My Website on Mobile Devices?

Yes! ReCAPTCHA can be seamlessly integrated onto all mobile platforms. In fact, Google’s new API makes it even easier for humans to use while still effectively keeping spam and abuse at bay. The Turing Tests performed on mobile devices allow for ease of user experience- so there is no need to worry about clients being potentially deterred by having to complete a reCAPTCHA test.

Will I Have to Pay to Add reCAPTCHA onto My Website?

Absolutely not! ReCAPTCHA is a free tool provided by Google and put directly onto your website by us at no additional charge. You will not have to make a special request to have this added- as reCAPTCHA will be added to all of our custom web builds from here on out. Relax and enjoy the added security your website will have knowing that it won’t cost you any of your hard earned money!

Let Us Help You Today!

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