WordPress website design

Blogging platforms have undergone massive transformation, to aloe various customization styles. The inception of WordPress in 2003 began the growth phase from a simple blogging site to complicated web development that is widely used for many different systems. Online researchers state that WordPress accounts for 30% of all websites. Topnotch publications on The New York Times, CNN and by music icons like Jay Z and Katy Perry all use WordPress.

Why you should use a WordPress website design

Market share

Most people assume that WordPress is only good for blogs. This statement was only true almost a decade ago. The truth is that WordPress has evolved to accommodate many different website systems. It is the optimal space for diverse online programs because it has the coding and plugins that improve functionality.

Agency support

WordPress is a common service in many webs design agencies. While you should only work with the best one, you have a good chance of getting quick revisions and maintenance services by the quickest available designer. We have an exclusive WordPress website design service with additional resources that do an amazing job at supporting the most complicated WordPress functions and styles.

Efficient hosting options

WordPress has several different hosting solutions. Your business will get the best options in the market for the following benefits:

  • Daily backup with just a single click
  • Incredible security that notifies you of instability with any plugins and system vulnerabilities. It is easy for you to keep the platform secure because the most stellar WordPress hosting will stay up-to-date with all recent developments
  • WordPress has enough speed and caching capability for that will quickly load the heaviest files

Extensive plugins

There are more than 50,000 plugins for WordPress. They range from simple features to full-fledged applications that will run your site and business with smooth operations. WordPress has reputable and supported plugins that will save you thousands of dollars in creating custom solutions. We have a huge collection of the best plugins to give your site unique operations and outlook without compromising the accuracy and speed.

Theme options

ThemeForest alone has more than 11,500 themes for purchase, and many more free versions. Themes are excellent in saving you money you would spend hiring a developer to meet specific demands.

A free theme or a paid theme is a great way of saving money at the onset of the web design project. It can be hard to maintain and upgrade the site when you need more functions to improve the function. Created By Chicks is your best friend in upgrading or customizing your present WordPress theme.

More website design agencies are getting the gist of designing high quality custom WordPress themes. We have a sophisticated framework with numerous built-in features for the many different functions and outlooks.


WordPress should have aggressive security strategies for the larger market share. Generally, we include several security layers and remove the biggest chances of risks for your firm. The plethora of skills you get from our firm is unmatched while using many different website design options.

Contact us if you want help moving your site to WordPress of creating an entirely new secure system. We will give you a quote when you connect with us for consultation and details of our follow up services, such as maintenance and updates.