10 of the best WordPress Plugins right now

WordPress is among one of the most used platforms for making websites and most website builders utilize the platform as well as the many plugins that are offered to upgrade your website. These plugins could be free or may be purchased, but all plugins are quite useful in their own specific ways. They have different purposes such as help organize consult forms and even as easy as maximizing your website speed. Any and all of these plugins can take an average site to have amazing features to turn it into whenever you need.

#1) Member Press:

Member Press is a plugin that is used if you’d like to start a membership site, this means that when people visit your site they will have to pay to see content on the site either monthly or through a subscription plan. This allows you to make money from recurring sales. It also allows you to have limited access to specific content for only the paying members to view. The features include the following: payment gateways, easy setup, course builder, and even an affiliate program. Payment gateways simply means that you are able to set up to accept payments with PayPal and other payment methods. Easy Setup includes installing it, adding the payment gateways, and your products then you are already ready to start. Course builder gives you the tools to create an online course or class. Affiliate program will get the word out about your business and brand which leads to more site visitors and hopefully potential clients. The best part about this plugin is that it’s automated so you just receive passive income from the subscribed members.

#2) All in One SEO:

All in one SEO is a fantastic plugin for your WordPress site by giving you complete control over WordPress SEO and it will automatically optimize posts, pages, and even Woo-commerce products. On a browser such as Google there really is no other way to be noticed by Google then SEO so why worry when it can automatically help your SEO and give you more visitors. The features include: automatic Meta tags, additional key phrases, and woo commerce SEO. Automatic Meta tags are such a great feature because it will generate Meta tags until you want to improve or manipulate them. Additional key phrases will find and select key phrases in a single click SEM rush integration. Woo-commerce is a great thing for ecommerce website to boost SEO. All of these features will boost your sites SEO immensely with little to no-effort.

#3) Hub Spot:

Hub spot is a great free WordPress CRM and it’s a great way to keep track if all of your contacts and see all the interactions they’ve had with the site. This also includes some key marketing features such as lice chat, forms, analytics, and even email marketing. This plugin is easy to use with no required coding. Hub spot also can integrate with 850+ other tools like plugins.

#4) Live Chat:

Have you ever seen a pop up when you click on a site that says connect with someone live? Well if you have, it was most likely a plugin, and that is for a reason. It’s because its conversation marketing. This gives off a level of professionalism and an overall boost in trust between user and business. This works on responsiveness for any website such as phones or tablets. This is lightning fast speeds for better user experience. All of the features this plugin has will only make your website more personal.

#5) W3 Total Cache:

W3 total cache is a plugin that allows your site to have better SEO, core web vitals, and speeding up your website to maximize page speed. This is an incredibly useful, free plugin; the speed of the site is a large factor in the way Google ranks its sites based upon searches. Site speed can be affected by not useful and/or unsaved data, content, and even load time on your server. All of the factors listed for W3 Total Cache shows just how big of a positive impact it can leave on your site. The plugin also compresses image files which reduces their size, and that clears data to load your page quicker.

#6) Woo-commerce:

This plugin is unlike most plugins because it allows you to have open source ecommerce and it’s very flexible. The freedom of open source means you still have full ownership of your content and data forever. You are able to customize products page in minutes as well as sell subscriptions or memberships. Ultimately this plugin allows you to sell products online off of your website. You still have complete control over the store and the functionality of it. There is no 3rd party platform that controls it, it’s all you. Sales will give notifications to sky rocket your income online. Woo-commerce is the best way to sell products online while being one of the easiest plugins to use.

#7) Monster Insights Lite:

Monster insights allows you to add Google analytics to your WP website and it allows you to view demographics and more. Being able to view your websites visitor statistics as well as their purchases and actions on your website. Knowing your visitors metrics can allow you to see where and what you need to improve the websites functionality. You are given dashboard reports to see all real time statistics. No matter what device your visitors are on you will still get accurate data counts. The premium version allows you to track ecommerce stats and move to show more data.

#8) Weglot:

Weglot is a plugin that allows you to automatically translate websites into many different languages, over 100. This plugin is dramatically useful for all people because you don’t who is interested in your website but doesn’t speak your language. One of the best features of this plugin is that it will automatically change languages of the website based on the browser settings of the visitor making it suitable for them. This plugin will enhance any website that wishes to be multilingual, and even changes pop-ups languages. Make your website more language friendly and add the plugin.

#9) WP Rocket:

WP Rocket is another great caching plugin to maximize website speeds as well as automatically builds website cache which results in instant performance enhancer. Like other caching plugins it optimizes images services to help you speed up even faster. The downside of this plugin is that it isn’t free and is only available if paid for. While it is the most beginner friendly caching plugin, you will have to pay for it, but it does do the work for you.

#10) WP Forms Lite:

WP forms is a plugin that offer contact forms for your users to contact you with, there are over fifty templates that you can choose from. This will either pop up or be on a contact page to have the visitor fill out. Whether you want a modern look or a more classic form, WP forms will have you collecting your visitor’s information and hopefully secure some business. The best part is that you don’t need any prior coding knowledge to add things to customize it by changing colors and styles to best match your website.