Why Other Websites Fail

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The website is not wired correctly

Beyond Custom Websites is the top provider of digital products that maximize the way your website works for your business. We specialize in custom websites that come complete with Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, design, web storage, social media links, navigation, and so much more. Our websites do not fail like the many we come across regularly. These are some of the reasons why those other websites will not deliver the way ours will:

Search engines use web crawlers to find properly wired websites that can be placed on pages of search results. All of the programming code and other key elements of your website must be connected or wired together properly in order for those web crawlers to grab your website for the results page. If your website is not wired correctly, the web crawler will see your site as a dead end and back up to find another site that works.

Meta tags are either not working, or missing altogether

Meta tags, Meta descriptions, and other technical pieces within your website are all different ways to label and describe your site to let the web crawlers know what is included on your website. Many websites either do not implement these, or they are poorly written. Our custom website company will provide you with everything your website needs in order to work and boost your online presence exponentially

The content is hard to read and filled with errors

Our experienced copywriters are available to write your content for you with strategic marketing and keywords in mind. Content by Beyond Custom Websites will make sure your website is Search Engine Optimized with relevant keywords that will pull your site to higher positions on pages of search results. We will be sure to edit and proofread every word to make sure it is exactly how you want to describe your business, entirely without errors or confusing sentences.

Too many photos

We understand videos, photos, and other imagery is important to show exactly how things are done or what a product looks like. However, too much too many photos could get in the way of web crawlers finding your website. Crawlers can only see text, not photos. Photos and other multimedia in moderation is great and often very effective, it just needs to be implemented modestly and in a way that crawlers will be able to identify what is on the website.

Navigation is not clear

We’ve all found ourselves on a website that was so complicated and made us think too much, because it wasn’t clearly laid out or the navigation was filled with broken links. Or, it didn’t have navigation at all. This is called a bounce, and will not do any good for your site’s ranking. A website and its navigation capabilities should be intuitive for visitors, making it easy to get around and see what to do next. Your website designer at Beyond Custom Websites will create your website to be simple and pleasant to navigate from any device.

To get started with a quality, dependable website that is completely custom and optimized for the web, feel free to contact us. At Beyond Custom Websites, we will do everything in our power to combat the above issues and guarantee your website will work exactly how it should for every aspect of your business. Give us a call or send over an email to discuss our products today.