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Engage Customers Through Video Hotspot Technology

Beyond Custom Websites is eager to introduce videos and video hotspot technology to highly enhance online experiences for your visitors and customers. We create unique videos that include hotspots embedded directly into the video and used to learn even more about a company, service, or product. Hotspots allow users to delve deeper into what they may be watching in a video, allowing the audience to interact with your website more than ever. These hotspots are included in videos to engage users and provide them with details that regular videos or photos cannot. They may include extra links, PDFs, and other highlighted areas of the site that may be helpful to the user.

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What is a video hotspot?

Beyond Custom Websites is available to incorporate video hotspots within your content to add even more marketing value to your business. Hotspots, upon clicking, will take users to different areas of the site, bring up PDFs, and generally provide your audience with a personalized learning experience. Filled with plenty of hotspot technology, these components of the video are trackable and allow us to see exactly where your website is thriving. Since we can track the areas your visitors are viewing the most after or during the video, we will work with you to set up a strategic plan as to where the most important content should go on your website.

Adding hotspots to your videos will keep customers on their toes and generally be more helpful in introducing your products or services. For seamless hotspot integration, give Beyond Custom Websites a call today.