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How has TikTok changed Digital Marketing?

TikTok started in September of 2016 as a replacement for the short clip app called musically. This app has since then reached a monthly visiting of over 1 billion people with 3 billion already having... Read More

How to enhance your team’s creativity and keep them wanting to contribute

Creativity is something that we all have, and sometimes you just need someone to get it out of you. In business most people would assume that you don’t need creativity, but creativity and contribution are... Read More

What bad management habits look like and how you should deal with them

There are many aspects that can make a management team perform successful or poorly. Many business teams lack good performance due to the actions or words of their management. These actions or words could just... Read More

Does Music help or hinder focus?

Most people use music when studying, working-out, or doing some other activity. What those most people don’t consider is how that music affects their productivity while doing an activity. Music makes you feel good, so... Read More

10 Standout Qualities to look for in New Hires

In today’s day in age there are loads and loads of skilled workers looking for employment, but there are many ways you can find top candidates to fill your position. Especially in recent years with... Read More