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How to help out your website designer

Website designers take either a lot or most of the times a little information and turn it into a website which takes a lot of creativity, as well as problem solving. Website designers take your... Read More

What is https & http?

Everyone has clicked on a link in the search bar and seen either https or http before the website that you are visiting. Those little abbreviations actually mean something and actually a purpose. The purpose... Read More


Considering how prevalent the internet is, most people are familiar with websites and Google search results. If you are, then you may have heard of a term called SEO which is otherwise known as search... Read More

How has TikTok changed Digital Marketing?

TikTok started in September of 2016 as a replacement for the short clip app called musically. This app has since then reached a monthly visiting of over 1 billion people with 3 billion already having... Read More

How to enhance your team’s creativity and keep them wanting to contribute

Creativity is something that we all have, and sometimes you just need someone to get it out of you. In business most people would assume that you don’t need creativity, but creativity and contribution are... Read More