Rankings in Google depend very highly on quality content that isn’t changed very often, updating website content can dramatically drop your ranking in different browsers, especially Google. Most if not all changes are bound to have an impact on rankings, the rankings do fluctuate almost hourly. Changing these three things is what impacts Google’s ranking the most, changing content including H1s, adding new pages with low-quality content, and the theme of your website’s content.

Making changes to website content could be doing the opposite of helping you, many people do not take that lightly either considering many business owners are their own website team and have not been educated on different Google standards. Writing website content should be coming from a web team and if you don’t have a web team you’re hurting yourself even more. They help with writing content that google really likes. Taking a look into Google analytics will allow you to see your ranking in organic searches. Comparing the old URL’s and the new URL’s of your website will let you know what pages of content that you changed made you rank lower. Knowing which pages are hurting your ranking you can look in your backup data collector for the old content and replace it.

Having new pages added will change your ranking because you are changing the overall size of your website, and random or poor quality content is treated as empty space by Google, Google really doesn’t not like empty space. Reading over the content on the new pages and making sure it is more that relevant for the website is a great way to self-check before Google checks it for you. Satisfying the user’s needs is the most important thing to do but also keeping yourself at the top of Google is too.

Most businesses have a theme or a niche, they have certain services or products that put them in that category. A business might decide to change or add to its original group. If a website’s service has been home interior design and the business creates a new page advertising that they now interior design office buildings. Google is going to take a while to recognize the new service that the business provides. Google ranking will fall but will most likely bounce back depending on how popular the original service or product was. Changing content for the sake of helping business isn’t always the answer when trying to boost an SEO but with these tips, it is easy to fix and go back to what it was.