All businesses have specific problems that a consumer has of either a topic or your company, any problem that a client has with a business can be considered a pain point. Financial, productivity, online research, and product cost are all examples of different areas of pain points. There are many ways to deal with client’s pain points which will be addressed later.

Productivity pain points include problems with efficiency, basically getting a bang for your buck. Most people would rather go to a sit down restaurant and eat, but that is too expensive and not quick enough for these types of consumers. The goal of this consumer is something that is more like a quick fix instead of spending the time needed. They just buy the product that gets the job done, they settle for less.

A financial pain point are normally the most common of the consumer pain points. This includes how long the product lasts and how long it will stay relevant in today’s culture. Most consumers try and get the most out of their money which is why this also includes ongoing expenses. Customers only want to pay for a product once and they expect it to last. Getting the wanted value out of a product is something that everyone wants with every product, if the product does not meet the customer’s values then the customers may purchase a cheaper product with the same quality.

The most thought of pain point is probably Product Cost, it is the most obvious. The cost of a product is key if you want to keep a customer satisfied. If the opportunity cost of the product compared to another product is at a loss for the consumer they will buy the other product at the expense of a small quality difference. Offering transparency is something that can benefit both the customer and the seller in this situation, let them know why the product costs this much and if they don’t agree then you may have to resort to negotiating.

Everyone normally does research before they purchase a product especially one from the internet, the next pain point is Online Research. Doing your research before you buy a product is very good for both the consumer and the business, the consumer learns more and the business gets their name out there. This can also backfire if there are bad reviews on products or a business, this can also be a pain point if there is no online presence from the business. Keeping up with a well-made website and quality content will keep consumers happy and buying the products.

Once the pain point is recognized it’s important to let the patient know that they are being helped and that this pain point can be resolved. Knowing that the customer will be more accepting of help and they will be cooperative to the advice that they receive. Each pain point can be solved differently based on the customer and their intentions. For example the Shaquille O’Neal brand all started because a woman had a pain point with price of his Reebok shoes. He then felt this woman’s pain and started his own cheaper brand with Walmart. Now I am not saying that you need to make a new company because of one customer but it shows that most clients have the same ideas and their ideas can make changes to your company that can make it even better.  Dealing with the problem by communicating is the way to go, talk about it with the person and get to know how to resolve their problem.