New Year, New Technology, New Revenue Initiative!

Are you offering website solutions as a part of your services? If so, we have something you definitely need to see! Responsive websites are a thing of the past- Mobile Effective web design is here to stay.

“Mobile Effectiveness” is a term that refers to the overall design and functionality of websites on mobile platforms. In the past, having your website simply appear on mobile devices was good enough. Now, with the rise of technology such as cell phones and tablets, potential customers want more than just a responsive website. Mobile Effectiveness utilizes a “stay-on-top” approach by keeping all important call-to-action items in a tidy, easy to navigate header.

Stay-on-Top…Even On-the-Go!

By using an active “stay-on-top” approach, you can assure that key information like your phone number and location are always visible and present on your customer’s mobile devices. This structure and design is implemented in a world where everyone is constantly commuting and on-the-go, relying on quick, easy to obtain information. By displaying your business’ contact information in such a way, you are encouraging potential customers to quickly and easily contact you and bring in potential business. With the Mobile Effective “stay-on-top” approach, customers are only a click away from automatically dialing your phone number, finding your location through their phones map app, filling out contact forms and more.

Let BCW Help!

Beyond Custom Websites (BCW) specializes in creating high performing websites that pull out all the stops when it comes to generating traffic and ultimate success. The digital products we offer are created entirely in-house and crafted to meet your custom needs. Our team of developers, designers, writers, and account managers will see your project through to the end. You will reap the benefits of a custom website that utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), provides a mobile effective platform and receives ongoing maintenance, and so much more.

What Makes Beyond Custom Websites Unique?

Our team is dedicated to providing you with a website that will keep your business fresh, relevant and reachable. BCW provides high functioning, responsive websites that effectively leverage mobile devices and guide your customers towards action. We do all the heavy lifting so you can focus on the day-to-day details of your business.

We can personalize our program to fit your specific needs with our fast and effective onboarding process. Call BCW today at 877.535.1975 to get started!