Organic Traffic Research: Looking for your competitor’s keyword rankings can give you a huge advantage in what specific keywords bring the most traffic to their website. To look at this information you are able to use a website service called Ahrefs, they give you the information you need. To access this information sign up to Ahrefs and browse the “organic search” section of the reports. Ahref monitors over 150 million keyword searches in the U.S. alone.

Paid traffic Research: Learn whether or not your competitors are using paid traffic advertising. You can also use Ahref’s services to help you. Start by navigating to the paid search section of the reports to get all of the paid details. If they are using paid advertising consider using paid advertisement.
Perform Keyword Research: Researching different types of keywords relevant to your content. Research keywords in your existing content that could be taking up space and giving you bad traffic. Even a few changes to your content and the words that you use can dramatically affect your organic website traffic. Now when using keywords, don’t just cram them in anywhere you can. Put the keywords in with your relative content.

Backlink Checker: You might be wondering what a backlink is, it is a link on a website that takes you to another website; they are also referred to as inbound links or external links. In order to see what type of backlinks your competitors are using on their website, you can use Ahref again. Put the URL into site explorer and navigate to the back profile section.

Staying active on social media: Social media is one of the most important ways to reach out to people especially these days. Posting blogs and constantly posting on all different forms of social media is a great way for everyone to see everything your website or business has to offer.
Create a helpful tool or special content: Giving people that are looking at your website a tool or something to look at or do while on your website is very important. It gives them a reason to stay and get interested in exploring the rest of the website. This could also be content it doesn’t have to be a tool. Something as simple as a to-do list template or anything that could be related to your websites topics.

Send Email Newsletters: Whether you’re promoting your new content or just wanting to reach out to your consumers having a newsletter can drastically give your website a loyal following. Include exciting information from your websites content and keep them informed on new things. Make sure the email is visually appealing otherwise most people pass on reading it. Also sending multiple newsletters to see which ones or topics get the most looked at.

Using advertising to boost website traffic: While you don’t have to, paid advertising is a great way to get your website traffic up but it does cost money which is something you have to consider. As I said before you should research what type of advertising your competitors are doing to attract consumers. One click to your page could give you a lot more website traffic but your clicks don’t always mean that ever clicker is looking through your whole website. You also could do non paid or local advertisements.