The ROI of Professional Web Design

How do you conduct research about a business or the things a company sells? If you’re like many consumers, you rely on the Internet to learn about different organizations and the goods or services they sell. Even if a given company doesn’t sell things online, it doesn’t mean people won’t research the organization and the products or services it sells using the Internet.

With so many people turning to the Internet to learn about businesses and the things they sell, it’s crucial for you to have a website. This is true even if you don’t conduct business online.

Drawbacks to Creating Your Own Web Design

As a business owner, you basically have two options when it comes to website design. You can try to make your own website or you can hire a web developer to create a site for you. If you’re tempted to make a website on your own, you may want to reconsider.

While you may save money by creating your own website, web development is a serious undertaking that’s often best left to proven experts. If you don’t have the expertise to create a professional, user-friendly website, the website you make may end up costing you money in the form of lost sales.

Does it make sense to save a few thousand dollars now if it’s going to cost you $100,000 in lost sales over the course of just one year? Of course not!

Lost sales aren’t the only drawback to making a website on your own. You’ll also have to give up some creative control. When you use a template to make a website, you’ll be limited to using the fonts, colors and formatting options that are available for that template.

If you have a working knowledge of HTML, you might think you know enough to make a website for your organization. A working knowledge is not the same as being fluent in a programming language, however. If you only have a basic knowledge of HTML or whatever code you want to use for your website, how do you think your website will end up looking? “Amateurish” is probably the kindest way people will end up describing your site.

If a website doesn’t look good, it gives the impression that it’s not secure or it provides a poor user experience, the site will drive visitors to your competitors’ websites. It will also prevent your site from ranking well in search engine results pages, which will make your site difficult for consumers to find.

Reasons to Hire a Web Design Company

As a general rule, designing the front-facing part of your website involves a different skill set than backend development. This can make it very difficult to find one web developer who has a skill set that’s broad enough to create a professional website on his or her own. When you hire a website design company instead of an individual freelancer, you’re hiring a team of experts who collectively have all the skills required to make a great-looking, fully functioning website.

In addition to partnering with a team of experts, there are a few other meaningful benefits to hiring a website design company to create a website for your organization. Here are a few of them:

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Clearly, the return you’ll get by investing in a professional web design can pay off in many ways. Increased traffic and sales, a lower bounce rate and longer visits on your site are just a few of the ways that an expertly made website can pay you back for your investment in professional web development.

Our web design company creates modern, fresh websites using responsive web design for businesses in many industries. If you’re ready to enjoy the ROI of professional web development, contact Beyond Custom Websites to get started today.