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What an Ideal Company Culture Looks Like

A company can make sure they have a good culture by doing activities and other things to build community within your company. Having a great sense of community and fairness are both things that companies... Read More

Team Building and why it’s important

While most people believe that team building is not worth their time and boring; it is actually used to build trust, encourage communication, and increases collaboration. This allows more business to be done during the... Read More

The Latest News on Google Analytics

In 2023 the beloved Google analytics platform will be put to rest and a new platform of analytics will be used. The analytic data will still be available for sixth months after July 1st, 2023.... Read More

Technological Development in the World Wide Web and Business

Technological developments in today’s World Wide Web and business are some of the best advancements yet and I have a list that shows some of the advancements we should be getting this year. 1. Cyber... Read More

How to talk on the Phone Professionally

Immediately Introduce yourself, if you are the caller, you should be the first person to speak and confirm that the person you called is the person you meant to call. Say “Hello is this Their... Read More