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What are the Key Factors to Making a Website Great?

Mobile friendly and responsive.  Over 70% of people will view your website on a mobile device. Mobile first was introduced in 2018, where Google began ranking any mobile friendly/responsive site higher than non-friendly/responsive sites. Make... Read More

9 Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking

1. Improve your SEO On page SEO is the fastest way to improve your Google rankings because you can optimize your page in 2 minutes and start to see results within a week. SEO is... Read More

Updating Your Website

Updating your website periodically is important. Prices may change, products may change…there can be any number of reasons why your website content needs updating. Periodically updating the content of your website is also good for... Read More

Safe ways to send e-documents

How do you securely send sensitive files and documents over the internet? Below are a few ways to accomplish this.   WinZip If you’re sending multiple files, you can compress them to a zipped file... Read More

Keeping your Google My Business profile accurate

Your Google My Business (GMB) profile may be the first place potential customers see any information about your business, so you should make sure it’s always up-to-date and accurate. Your GMB page is a quick... Read More