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10 Myths about Websites and web Designers

All websites are different and there are many myths about websites and their designers. Website designers can make some very great and visually appealing websites but there are many things that don’t represent them in... Read More

Getting to Know Your Customers

Getting to know your customers is very important, not only because it establishes a relationship with the customer and it may ensure that they will continue to buy your products. For small businesses especially, creating... Read More

What is Video Marketing? BCW

Video marketing is one of the best tools that can be used by a business, so how come it is still so underused in the world of business? The truth behind those videos is that... Read More

How to Identify “Pain Points” and How to Resolve Them

All businesses have specific problems that a consumer has of either a topic or your company, any problem that a client has with a business can be considered a pain point. Financial, productivity, online research,... Read More

Increase Your Rankings with Google

Rankings in Google depend very highly on quality content that isn’t changed very often, updating website content can dramatically drop your ranking in different browsers, especially Google. Most if not all changes are bound to... Read More