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I just opened my business, now what do I do?

Once you open your new business there are many things to do to make sure your business thrives. There should be three main priorities to focus on when starting a business, the first being a... Read More

Networking – Cuz you got personality

Networking is creating beneficial relationships and the hope for possible partnerships, this is done through meetings and networking seminars. These seminars are a great time for different businesses to find people to build a relationship... Read More

Tech Mistakes Startup Businesses Make

Top 6 Mistakes: Purchasing cheap or outdated equipment to save money, will only hurt your business having to repair or buy new equipment constantly. This also goes for internet connection like Wi-Fi, giving your employees... Read More

What are the Key Factors to Making a Website Great?

Mobile friendly and responsive.  Over 70% of people will view your website on a mobile device. Mobile first was introduced in 2018, where Google began ranking any mobile friendly/responsive site higher than non-friendly/responsive sites. Make... Read More

9 Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking

1. Improve your SEO On page SEO is the fastest way to improve your Google rankings because you can optimize your page in 2 minutes and start to see results within a week. SEO is... Read More