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How to talk on the Phone Professionally

Immediately Introduce yourself, if you are the caller, you should be the first person to speak and confirm that the person you called is the person you meant to call. Say “Hello is this Their... Read More

What is pay-per-click advertising?

One of the most popular ways to run an advertising campaign is through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. It offers some advantages compared to similar digital marketing campaigns, but will really only work to your advantage if... Read More

How to Take Your Emails to the Next Level

For many of us, work means checking the email inbox constantly. Or, it could also consist of writing emails. Quite a few of us also find ourselves in charge of creating mass emails for subscribers... Read More

The guide to more website traffic

Organic Traffic Research: Looking for your competitor’s keyword rankings can give you a huge advantage in what specific keywords bring the most traffic to their website. To look at this information you are able to... Read More

The Power of “NO” in Business

In the big world of business, there is one tool that is heavily underused, and that is the word “no”. The word no can be interpreted in many ways, that is why it is so... Read More